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Tahoe Venue Types


AUGUST, 2017

Lake Tahoe is world-renowned as one of the most sought-after locations of pristine beauty in the world, and is revered highly as a must-see stop for anyone on a voyage throughout the United States; for both domestic residents & international tourists alike.

Therefore, it would come as no surprise that thousands of couples embark on a journey to the “Jewel of the Sierras” each and every year to consummate their love in the form of marriage, poised atop this breathtaking landscape of America.

With Tahoe being known for offering so much to every type of visitor — from skiers and snowboarders, to campers and gamblers — one can easily be consumed by the overwhelming options to choose from when selecting their cherished wedding destination.

191 square miles of surface area, coupled with hundreds of thousands of acres spreading across the Tahoe basin can make selecting the perfect spot to say “I Do” a bit much. So to assist with the daunting decision of finding your perfect corner of the Earth to tie your bonds of love together “‘til death do you part,” here’s a handy list of things to consider when choosing your Tahoe wedding venue.


Lake Tahoe ranks among the very top for worldwide terrain and beauty when it comes to offering some of the finest skiing and riding on the planet!

However, that beauty re-imagines itself completely throughout the seasons, and the mountain resorts that so many memories atop the frosty winter slopes call home energy as the awesome green-sprawled kings of the Tahoe horizon. These mighty mountaintops provide unparalleled vantage points to enjoy the Sierra splendor in ways that always are enjoyed with bated breath.

With 13 major ski resorts encircling the grand Lake — all providing summertime lift operations — there are many places to shop around for the best deal on a perspective that will be etched in the memories of you and your guests forever!


It has often been said that Tahoe encompasses the legendary “Shaka” vibe of the lovely lands of Hawaii.

In fact, Lake Tahoe is home to many islander transplants who have hopped the pond for some mainland living, whilst still seeking the majesty offered by the serene beaches of the Pacific’s most remote paradise. As such, Tahoe’s 72 mile shoreline is nothing short of mesmerizing, with each of the many scattered beaches many of them public — providing very unique personalities of their own. It is a common sentiment from Tahoe’s residents, spanning across many lifetimes, that no two days ever quite appear the same.

With 4 shores and 4 seasons to choose, no combination can ever be replicated in Tahoe to place those wedding vows. Your day will indeed be treated to something only seen once and for all.


Dozens of charming mini cities adorn the bezel of the Lake Tahoe. From bustling, casino-driven communities on the Nevada side, to quaint little towns that can be cruised past in the length of a breeze, the options for venues are plentiful indeed. Everything from sky-high rising hotel floors, to cute cabins nestled in the pine (and even grand mansions fit for royalty), are available for rent.

Whether you wish for a small private affair, or desire an opulent setting for a big enough to trigger an avalanche, the range of options to fit your fancy (and budget) are more than plentiful for any lovebirds flying in.

For more details on Tahoe’s many offerings, please review the Lake Tahoe Visitor Bureau. There, additional resources on sightseeing and venue bookings can be found, along with many other tidbits of useful information regarding Tahoe’s most famous sites and activities, to help you plan for a stay you may never wish to leave from (which is precisely how many of our locals came to be).

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