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Meet Your Ambiance Architect

Wedding DJ Deon Pearson.jpg

Your Wedding day: a dream you've had as long as you can remember. A singular day whimsically fantasized about since you first knew what love was, and a day that draws immense anticipation knowing that you have found the love of your life.

A singular day that all those closest to you will be there to celebrate. A day you'll only live once, and never forget.

A day that can't be re-lived. You only get one chance, so it better be done right!

Deon Pearson's life purpose is to ensure that treasured role is fulfilled to your dreams' satisfaction, and so much more!

From the age of 14, Deon has dedicated his soul to the art of jockeying discs; blending together a multitude of eclectic styles to explore the limits of what musical alchemy can achieve. In this pursuit of over 20 years, he has brought this finely-tuned talent to so many souls across every dancing & listening platform imaginable. As a musical maestro of pollenating spaces with an art form as early as time itself, his dedication to ensuring the tonal vibe is in perfect harmony with the energetic ambiance of such an important date is clearly seen the moment he's brought into the room and onto the decks.

With decades of careful music curation & the study of its affect on humanity, the goal is clear: craft the perfect soundtrack to the day of your lifelong dreams.

Having cut his teeth in the very demanding world of nightclub mixing since before he was even of age to attend most nightlife venues, Deon launched his career early-on under the most discerning ears. On that path, his love for customizing the ambiance of his closest friends & colleagues grew. After 15 years - the majority of which were honed in nightclub environments - Deon switched his focus on ensuring that same level of quality & performance was brought to the private environments of smaller, more intimate crowds. Once the focus on weddings was sent, there was no turning back. For there is no crowd on Earth more appreciative & engaging than that of one's closest friends & family. Satisfying such a coveted role has been Deon's mission ever since.

From customized playlist curating to well-engineered timeline construction for designing the perfect "playbook" for your event, Deon ensures that every technical & creative step is well addressed for you before you even knew where to begin. With a very simple streamlined process, interviewing each client for what musical styles live in their (& their guest's) hearts, Deon's finely distilled process will make your wedding planning steps a smooth, simple, worry-free experience.

When you're in good hands, you don't have to work hard. Deon does that for you, and is his pleasure to do so.

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